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Fusi, Soliver

Class of 
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Bamenda, Cameroon
High School: 
Eleanor Roosevelt High School

What Made You Decide to Attend UMD? 

Honestly, my initial draw to UMD was through the many programs they had with my community college. They made the transition from college to university a less daunting one and the whole process happened in such a way that I felt like I belonged at UMD long before I even arrived. 

Best Experience with a Class or Project 

One of my most cherished experiences as an engineering undergrad was defending my stance as to why I deserved one point (out of 100) back on my exam at my professor’s office hours for thermodynamics I. I was successful, but the point meant nothing. I cherish this experience because it was then that I realized the UMD faculty, specifically those in the Chem-E Department in the A. James Clark School of Engineering, truly want to nurture you as a future engineer. My professor really sat and listened to my logic, my assumptions, everything. He worked to make sure I understood the proper method, but made sure to also listen and not break my spirits. 

Favorite Class 

In Major: CHBE301: Thermodynamics I

Involvements/Extracurricular Activities 

Chem-E Car
University Band
Omega Chi Epsilon
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
Undergraduate Teaching Fellow

Favorite On-Campus Event 

Running trials for Chem-E-Car, seriously! The organization combines what we learn in class, a friendly competition among universities nationwide, and means to express my scientific creativity. 

Research/Study Abroad Experience 

I work in the Biofilm Lab in the Environmental Engineering Department studying persistent organic pollutants. 

Cool Engineering Experience 

Creating a 'makeshift' nickel metal hydride battery last minute for the Chem-E-Car competition, after our previous battery decided to no longer hold a charge.