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Doermann, Jessica

Class of 
Fire Protection Engineering
Ellicott City, MD
High School: 
Howard High School

What Made You Decide to Attend UMD? 

I chose UMD because of its amazing engineering program. In addition, it is close to home and I get in-state tuition. 

Best Experience with a Class or Project 

I had a great experience with my Introduction to Life Safety class because it was one of the first classes I took in Fire Protection and it taught me a lot about what I will be doing as an engineer in my career. 

Favorite Class 

In Major: ENFP250: Introduction to Life Safety
Outside of Major: MATH241: Calculus III

Involvements/Extracurricular Activities 

College Park Volunteer Fire Department
Society of Fire Protection Engineers
Alpha Omega Epsilon

Favorite On-Campus Event 

I love attending the football games on campus! 

Cool Engineering Experience 

 My coolest engineering experience has been working the Fire Tornado at Maryland Day.