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Amihere, Joyce

Class of 
Fire Protection Engineering
French Studies
Beltsville, MD
High School: 
Eleanor Roosevelt High School

What Made You Decide to Attend UMD? 

I decided to enroll at the University of Maryland for many reasons. My sister had previously attended UMD, so I had the chance to attend many Maryland Day events as a child. This fostered my love of the campus from an early age. Furthermore, I knew I wanted to study engineering and Maryland has one of the top engineering programs in the country. 

Best Experience with a Class or Project 

Our final project for ENFP250 was to do survey of the Kim Engineering Building. We also had to calculate the evacuation time at full capacity, which I found very cool. 

Favorite Class 

ENFP250: Introduction to Life Safety Analysis

Involvements/Extracurricular Activities 

I enjoy reading, painting, participating in Toastmasters (an on-campus organization).

Favorite On-Campus Event 

My favorite event has been the Homecoming Comedy Show with Trevor Noah.

Research/Study Abroad Experience 

I haven't yet conducted research. However, one of the projects I would like to work on is the "blue whirl,” which is a type of fire tornado that was discovered at UMD. It burns more efficiently than others and can improve oil spill cleanup.  

Cool Engineering Experience 

My coolest experience was getting to do the fire tornado demonstration!